Hi everybody, i'm trying to install Ableton Live 9 with keygen but they ask me for a password, i just have to put my ableton code on it but i can't. Crackstools is a hub of software cracking tools including protection against the manipulation of software, serial number, hardware key, date checks etc.

HOWEVER YOU CAN ALSO GET FALSE POSITIVES! IF YOU ARE NOT %100 SURE AND DO NOT HAVE ADEQUATE PROTECTION, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE ANY OF THEM. Remember to follow the directions in the NFO files! This is only a general guide and could be incomplete in some cases. Always remember to back up the target file. To use a crack, in most cases you need to first install the program from a trial setup or from a provided retail install. After installation, you need to copy the cracked file into the installation directory of the program.

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Be sure the program is not running anywhere before "cracking" it! (Check the System Tray by the clock and do a CTRL+ALT+DEL and look for the executables. For example, if you install an MP3 ripping program into the directory "C: - Program Files - MP3 Ripper", you need to navigate to that directory through Windows Explorer (My Computer -> C: -> Program Files -> MP3 Ripper) until you see the files that program uses to run. Now copy the crack file(s) into this directory. You will usually be prompted with something to the effect of "This file already exists, do you want to continue and overwrite it?

A crack overwrites the existing file or files that the program installed. After replacing these files, frequently the program will now be registered the next time you start it up, allow you to register it with any information you like, or simply make it not care if it's registered or not. Cracks will usually remove any trial limitations, nag screens, etc. A crack is ONLY good for one version of a program.

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You can't use a crack to "crack" a newer version without downgrading that version after the crack is used. To use a patch, you start out the same as a crack. First install the program from a trial install or retail install.

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Once installed, again navigate to the installed program's directory like in the "MP3 Ripper" example above. Copy the patch into that directory, however this time you shouldn't be prompted to overwrite anything. A patch, as described previously, is used to create a cracked EXE/DLL/etc.

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Run the patch you just copied into the program's directory by simply double-clicking it. Frequently there will be a button that says something to the effect of "Crack" or "Patch it". Clicking this button will instruct the patch to locate the file it needs to modify, double-check to make sure it's the correct file, then modify it however the patch was programed to do so. Some patches will perform multiple functions, such as patching a program and adding a Registry entry for licensing.

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After you have patched a program, you can delete the patch you copied into the folder. If you can backup before patching, do so. Backups are usually stored as FILENAME.

BAK extension to EXE or DLL (whatever it was originally) will restore the backup - just be sure to delete the patched file first or else you'll get an error from Windows for having two files with the same name in the same folder. Just like a crack, a patch is only good for a certain version of a program. Some patches are "generic" and will work for a limited number of versions, such as all v3. Read the NFO to see if that's the case! When asked for registration details by the program, enter the information provided.

A serial could be included in a simple text file, or sometimes it's in the NFO/DIZ file. Read the NFO if it's included. If the program doesn't prompt you for any registration information when it first starts up, look under the Help menu (or Help -> About). You should see a "Registration" or "Activate" or "Unlock" option. A drawback of a serial, is even though registered, it may not be registered to you. Sometimes this can show up if the program creates output files of any type. Frequently it doesn't cause any problems.

Another large problem when it comes to serials - blacklisting.

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A "blacklisted" serial is a serial that has been programmed specifically not to work by the program author because it is known to be public. (A number of cracks simply remove such blacklisted serials. If a program needs to do online updates (such an an antivirus or antispyware program), frequently a blacklisted serial will cause such updates to not work anymore. Finally, like a crack and a patch, serials may only work for a single version, but frequently work for all minor versions of the same major version (like in the v3. This allows you to register a program without modifying it at all AND using any information you like.

Using a keygen is a lot like using a serial, however it creates the information to type in when prompted for the registration information instead of simply having a specific set of details given to you. There is usually no need to move the keygen to anywhere special. Just double-click the keygen and you'll frequently see what to do.

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(Type in your name or any other requested information. Sometimes you have to click a "Generate" button to create the licensing information you need. If the program requires activation, then the keygen will usually allow you to generate the information you need if you go through the program's "Phone Activation" method. Many programs will generate a hardware ID or some kind of reference number that you are supposed to read to the person on the other end of the phone at the software company. Instead, type the provided number or details into the appropriate spot in the keygen to generate the required "answer" to it.

You then need to type the "answer" into the program where indicated. Usually documented in the NFO file. Like the other three releases, keygens may only work for a certain version (or a series of version like the v3. If it doesn't work, it's possible it was a "bad release" (aka nuked). That means that it may work for some people and not for others.

Just try to find another one. There is only one discrepancy that i have, and thats where u stated that KEYGENS are the best of warez, well i do have to agree that using a keygens provides a cleaner install along with a better chance of not getting weird errors like "general protection faults" and what not, however in certain cases, especially more often nowadays it is impossible to JUST have a keygen to make a proggie work due to the newer types of file protection/encryption.

For example if you a have a SecuROM protected game, yes you could use a keygen to do the install but in order for the game to run properly or run at all you may (most likely) will have to replace a. EXE with an Un-Packed (Stripped) version which does not include the SeucROM protection.

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Only point i was trying to make is that in most cases nowadays it is almost necessary to replace a file with a patched one in order for it to run, but that does not make it better than a proggie that ONLY requires a keygen. Hey,You just helped others by adding to my post. Thats the whole point of these forums is to learn from,add to, and share ideas with other peers in this community. Just tryin to help out where i can, i have alot of knowledge in the keygenning,cracking scene itself so if anyone had any questions about how copy schemes,protection,packers and all that great stuff id be glad to assist.

Keygens are definitely the best. Run them under virtualization, use the generated code, and wipe your hands clean. What percent of cracks/patches/keygens from private trackers would you guys estimate have viruses? From public ones (TPB) I would say probably 70%, from private I would say 15%. If there's demand for it, I'll write a follow-up on what more you can do to protect yourself. Keygens are definitely the best. Run them under virtualization, use the generated code, and wipe your hands clean. What percent of cracks/patches/keygens from private trackers would you guys estimate have viruses?

From public ones (TPB) I would say probably 70%, from private I would say 15%. If there's demand for it, I'll write a follow-up on what more you can do to protect yourself. Yes keygens are great but a keygen alone is not gunna do anything against a SecuROM / Starforce protected app. Yes ck1, considering the percentage of viruses out there in this stuff, it probably would be a good idea to create a useful thread on how people can protect themselves and avoid countless hours of aggravation.

And must agree, I fancy a keygen above anything else. Avoid downloading from open torrent sites or private torrent sites where everybody can upload. Instead get it from private trackers with upload crew as they have tight rules and controls in place. Look for releases of groups that are well respected as they are most likely to deliver high quality.

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Before downloading read the comments already posted. This will give you a good sense whether it works or not. Even if initially a serial or keygen may work, serials may get blacklisted.

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As CK1 stated, trying the software in a virtual environment (VMWare) is a good way to perform your own test. Last but not least, be patient! Sooner or later a good release will come by. Instead of going through all the trouble of setting up a virtualized environment, you could also run it in a sandbox (ex. Предлагаемая разработка поможет вам запускать любые установленные в вашем компьютере программы через прокси сервера, конечно же если речь идет об Интернет приложениях, работать они будут через протоколы HTTP, SOCKS 4 и 5 соответственно.

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Обратите внимание, что после установки утилиты вам надо обязательно перезагрузить компьютер иначе регистрация не пройдет, а скачать ProxyCap вы сможете с нашего проекта по ссылке в полной новости. После запуска программы вам надо просто указать необходимое приложение, далее оно будет соединяться с Интернетом используя для этого выбранный вами прокси сервер. Если рассматривать интерфейс, то он довольно дружественный, максимально простой и совершенно не имеет ничего лишнего, достаточно один раз настроить ProxyCap и желаемая разработка будет всегда работать через сторонние сервера.

Данная утилита хоть и маленькая, но обладает вполне гибкими настройками связи, вы сможете максимально точно задать необходимые правила для всех приложений. Используя пару кликов мыши вы сможете задать необходимое правило. Особо рассказать про ProxyCap больше нечего, функция у нее по сути всего одна, не забываем перезагружать компьютер перед начало использования. Так я не понял, она сразу проги и приложения через свои прокси пропускает, или в неё надо свои базы загружать, как например в проксифиере? И вообще, этой версией еще можно пользоваться или она уже вообще не актуальна?

Она сразу проги и приложения через свои прокси пропускает, или в неё надо свои базы загружать, как например в проксифиере?