The Pangolier and Dark Willow are original heroes that did not exist when DotA was just a custom. So far, the patches have actually kept to being pretty minor, tweaking the gameplay enough to keep the playing field interesting. Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit: find submissions in "subreddit"; author:username: find submissions by "username"; site:example. The update will also make a big change to the matchmaking rating system, updates the Ability Draft, adds a new Dota Turbo game mode and Ping Wheel.

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Lightning Storm cast point from 0. Lightning Storm slow duration from 0. Added Aghanim's Scepter upgrade to Lifestealer: Grants a new skill, Assimilate. Assimilate allows Lifestealer to target an allied hero and swallow them, allowing them to hide inside of Lifestealer. Any healing Lifestealer receives is shared with the assimilated hero. The assimilated hero can release itself at any time by clicking on the buff icon to erupt outward and deal 300 damage to enemies in a 700 area of effect.

Development diary of Dota IMBA, a mod for Valves Dota 2

If Lifestealer dies or assimilates another hero, the currently assimilated hero will automatically exit. Issuing any order with your hero, a few seconds after being assimilated, will take you out.

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True Form is no longer removed on death [? Improved Aghanim's Scepter: Allows Eclipse to be cast on an area within 2,500 range. Grants obstructed vision of that area. Split Shot and Mana Shield are no longer removed on death [?

Dota 2s Dueling Fates patch notes forecast avalanche of massive changes

Added Aghanim's Scepter upgrade to Morphling: Grants a new ability, Hybrid. Allows morphling to target an ally, turning himself into a hybrid illusion, removing the Morphling himself. This hybrid illusion can cast non-ultimate abilities and has your original attributes. When the duration ends or the hybrid dies, your hero emerges (cannot end prematurely). Cooldown: 140, Manacost: 200, 600 cast range. Note: Ability is not available while you have a Replicate living. Added Aghanim's Scepter upgrade: Song of the Siren Scepter now regenerates you and nearby allies by 6% of maximum HP per second for up to 7 seconds.

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Sprout duration increased from 3/3. Aghanim's Scepter-upgraded Wrath of Nature now spawns a Nature's Call treant whenever it kills a unit. Added Aghamin's Scepter upgrade to Nyx: Adds a new ability, Burrow, with a one second cast time. While Burrowed, Nyx Assassin is invisible and unable to move/attack, but has 40% damage resistance, and regenerates 1. Of his health and mana per second. Nyx Assassin's abilities also have improved properties while burrowed: Mana Burn and Impale have 50% increased cast range, Impale Cooldown is reduced from 13 to 9, and Spiked Carapace instantly stuns any enemy units within a 300 area of effect without requiring them to hurt him first.

Purification cast point from 0. Purifying Flames cooldown reduced from 3 to 2. Caustic Finale now always triggers (via unit death or when its duration expires). Caustic Finale now applies a 20% move slow when the damage triggers (via unit death or when timer expires). Shadow Shaman strength gain increased from 1. Sniper agility gain from 2. Shrapnel delay increased from 0. Land Mine activation delay reduced from 1. Stasis Trap Activation delay from 2 to 1.

Stasis Trap Detonation delay from 2 to 1. Techies Aghanim's Scepter upgrade now causes the Minefield Sign to make all Land Mines, Stasis Traps and Remote Mines within 125 area of effect immune to True Sight. Reactive Armor now triggers when attacks land rather when attacks begin [? Laser hero blind duration increased from 3 to 3/3.

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Berserker’s Rage is no longer removed on death [? Ice Shards vision reveal from 0. Added Aghanim's Scepter to Tusk: Adds a new ability called Walrus Kick. Kicks the target back 900 units. The kick slows by 40% for 4 seconds. Fatal Bonds cast time from 0. The Swarm attack rate from an attack every 1. Geminate Attack now launches the second projectile 0.

Patch 707 has more than one can shake an Iron Branch at

Added Aghanim's Scepter upgrade to Weaver: reduces the cooldown of Timelapse to 20 seconds and allows Timelapse to target allied heroes. Shackleshot cast point from 0. Splinter Blast speed increased 500->650 (1. Cold Embrace now behaves as normal regeneration instead of 0. Added Aghanim's Scepter upgrade to Wraith King: Allies who are near Wraith King (within 1200 aoe) when slain become Wraiths for 5 seconds, delaying their death. They can continue attacking, casting, etc.

When the duration ends, the hero dies, and credit for the kill goes to whowever landed the original killing blow. Fixed Thundergod's Wrath sometimes hitting invisible units depending on the order of player slots. Observer and Sentry Wards now stack into one inventory slot. Double clicking toggles which ward type is currently active [?

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Boots of Travel can now be upgraded by purchasing the recipe again. Bash cooldown increased from 2 to 2.

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Bash cooldown increased from 2 to 2. Unholy Strength strength gain period from 0. Black King Bar can now be sold [? Cold Attack slow duration for ranged heroes from 3 to 2.

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Healing duration from 10 to 8 seconds [? Health regeneration increased from 2% to 3. Static Charge no longer jumps to units that are invisible or in the fog of war [?

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Unholy Rage duration increased from 3. Can now be used on to eat Wards. Eating a ward heals for double the amount, 230 HP over 16 seconds. Casting Soul Release on an enemy already under the effects of Soul Release now refreshes the existing debuff rather than applying a seperate instance [?

Now requires Headdress instead of Ring of Regeneration. Vladmir's Offering now provides +2 all stats, and Vladmir's Aura now provides 3 health regen. Don't forget to after posting a comment! By subscribing, you get the latest DotA updates via mail. Neutral Creeps started delivering the latest news about a Warcraft 3 custom map called DotA back in 2008. We now cover the most popular free online game on Steam - Dota 2. Best viewed using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. NeutralCreeps is a dedicated blog to the popular Warcraft3 custom map called (Defense of the Ancients).

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Dota 2 679 Patch Notes

The highlights of 10th May patch notes is addition of Phantom Lancer in Captain’s mode. Concentration of the developers was towards the addressing of some critical errors and heroes which will clearly flourish in this update. Moreover you can see some GUI fixes which somewhat irrelevant for most of the gamers. Enabled Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer in Captain’s Mode. Fixed turn rates for the following heroes: Lifestealer, Alchemist, Clockwerk, Bounty Hunter, Dark Seer, Dazzle, Ancient Apparition, Brewmaster, Chen, Silencer, Lone Druid, Spectre and Spiritbreaker.

Fixed Unstable Concoction self explosion still stunning you if you are invulnerable. Fixed night vision being too small.