Add a normal image and a 9-path image to drawable folder 3. Probably everyone, who is in touch with the Android world dealt with 9-patch term. Start with a PNG image, put it in any drawable folder in your project.

Image will be maintained if you eliminate all bad patches. Nine patch (9-patch) images are normal images with an additional 1 pixel border.

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Please see the images(Figure1, Figure2 and Figure3) given below. In the case of Button1, the whole shape of the button is changed from its original background image. Also the edges of the button is blurred. In the case of Button2, the shape of the button remains unchanged as well as the edges are still sharp in appearance. Due to these reasons, the use of nine patch (9-patch) images are highly entertained. Now let us see, how the application shown in Figure3 is developed. For its development, Eclipse 3. Is used and is tested in Android Virtual Device of API 2.

The patched image is created using the tool draw9patch which is shipped with Android SDK and is available in its tools directory. Create a new background image with a size of approximately 64 x 48 px and store it in the folder res/drawable-mdpi. The background image used in this application is available. On the above image, apply 9-patch. How to apply 9-patch is described in step 9. The 9-patch image used in this application is available. Save the file with an extension of. I am George Mathew, working as software architect and Android app developer at wptrafficanalyzer.

You can hire me on hourly basis or on project basis for Android applications development.

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For hiring me, please mail your requirements to info@wptrafficanalyzer. Your email address will not be published. Creating 9 patch PNG image (i. Png image) is very easy but only few of us knows about it. Start with a PNG image, put it in any drawable folder in your project. Now follow the bellow mentioned steps.

Download 9 Patch Editor APK Info :

Rename your image file by right-click then Refactor > Rename and change the extension from. On hovering over the icon you will see the vertical and horizontal lines. The black lines in 5the above image shows the area to be stretched. You can also see the preview in the right side (marked in red box). A simple nine patch png editor. This app helps to manipulate graphical resources for Android™ apps and themes. Edit stretch regions and layout margins - Load any image including existing.

Png files (compiled or uncompiled).

Working with 9-patch (Nine Patch) images in Android

Png file (compiled or uncompiled) or extract the raw. Png file - Pinch zoom and drag pan - Preview a 9 patch image by adjusting the width and height. Thanks to everyone who let me know about these issues. This page doesn't exist Not to worry. You can either head back to, or sit there and listen to a goat scream like a human. Using and creating 9-patch images is actually quit simple. Just keep in mind which area is stretched and which area will be repeated. Because I couldn’t find any resources ofor this topic I’ve created some 9 patch images myself.

Use it for your own projects. No, I don’t use any licence for this, just use it and make tons of money with it! Matte images, best for android and stretchable buttons. Glossy images, use this when there is just a single line of text. Here some matte images, stretched to full width.

Main Advantages of 9-patch over regular png

These are the original images used to create the screenshot. Make sureto save the images with a filename. How to use these images? Well, that’s quit simple,just drop these images in a drawable folder of your project and set it as a background of a button. I’ve put all these images in the drawable-hdpi folder.

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Created a button style in strings. Ofcourse it is possible to setup a more rubust environment where a button will have multiple states.

Therefore we need a selector file which is just a simple xml file stored in the drawablefolder. Just call it btn_blue_states. Xml or something like that. Now, use the file name as a background for a button and you can use multiple states for a button while using 9-patch images! I'm a webdeveloper, looking for the best experience, working between development and design. When I'm getting tired of programming C#, i'd love to create 3D images in 3D Studio Max, play the guitar, create an app for Android or crush some plastics on a climbing wall or try to stay alive when i´m descending some nice white powdered snowy mountains on my snowboard.

Could you adapt the current button set images so that they can be used as headers and footers in an application? With that, if you could make a set of the same buttons that would be small enough to fit within the headers, it would be perfect. Xml will work too.

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For better organizing, it’s better to put them in styles. Superb, mind blowing, only one word for this article: “Its awesome”.

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This is the great article in the sense he has created awesome 9-patch images by using 9-patch tool and also provided here for our reference. I also want to thank you for your articles. This great example how to use nine-path and other design features in interfaces of Android. It very helpfull for me and other programmers. I got some problem with the display of text i lost half of the text and it jump to top of the button.

Main Advantages of 9-patch over regular png

Please check the dark lines at the right/bottom side. Those lines indicate the space inside the image where the text can be placed. Folkert, Great example again! You and your readers can freely use those for any android projects, including commercial apps. My isn’t using gradient images anymore but code gradients which gives you every possible gradient you like.

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ImageButton02] /root/home/main/Android Linux/Android_workspace/ImageButton02/res/drawable-hdpi/simple. Xml:8: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘drawable’ with value ‘@drawable/btn_blue_pink_glossy. I have copied images in drawable folder with 9.

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Charmee: have you checked your generated R. Java to make sure that it got updated with the drawable? Nicely done, didn’t realize you could put styles in strings. Xml, but of course, like you said, for organization purposes, it would be better to uses styles. I also appreciate the usage of XML to style the gradients, as opposed to relying on the 9patch image. I’m going to try it out this way and see if it’s as flexible as it appears to be. I keep returning to this page to find these. I’ve found them so useful over the last month or so.

I know that lots of “thanks” comments seem to go on too much, but I am really grateful that you took the time to do this for the rest of us. Sorry I also forgot to mention that there is some stuff about this in the toolset, including a tool to draw 9 patches. Thank you Thank you Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I sincerely appreciate for your generosity. It is so much help for a noob like me.

Can I use some of your button in my personal project. But how about android:drawable=”@drawable/button_selected” in the selector? How can i adjust the buttons in top of tab bar with same boundries? Because when i rotate mobile their size get changed.

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To create special nine-patch images or you can use the online 9-patch utility. Your email address will not be published.

9 Patch Editor APK

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Рекомендации по созданию UI виджетов и некоторых блоков приложений для ОС Android предписывают нам использовать блоки с закруглёнными углами и/или с эффектом объема, отбрасывающие тени. Какие же инструменты нам дает SDK для реализации таких интерфейсов? При описании простых векторных форм без дополнительного оформления углов и краев блока рекомендуется использовать. Если в блоке имеются сложные графические элементы по углам или с краев блока можно использовать Nine-patch изображения, о которых и пойдет речь в этой статье.

На случай сложного оформления блока, например в виде единого объекта, остается использовать только фиксированное изображение, что уменьшит рамки масштабирования и не даст изменить соотношение сторон блока. Итак, что же такое 9-path? Фактически это обычное изображение (.

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Png), в котором края размером в 1 пиксел содержат некую служебную информацию, которую может интерпретировать графическая подсистема Android. Эта служебная информация делится на две составляющие: информация для корректного масштабирования блока информация об области размещения контента в блоке. При отсутствии первой – изображение будет масштабироваться целиком (всегда нужно указывать и горизонтальную и вертикальную полосы масштабирования, или не указывать обе), второй – контент будет размещаться по всей площади изображения.

Теперь о том, как задается эта информация. Верхняя и левая часть рамки задают масштабируемые области, правая и нижняя – область отображения контента. При этом прозрачные пикселы обозначают неотмеченную область, а черные (#000000) – отмеченную. Теперь попробуем сделать свое 9-patch изображение. Чтобы сделать из этой обычной картинки 9-patch можно воспользоваться любым графическим редактором, поддерживающим *. Png или специальной утилитой draw9patch, которая наверняка уже лежит у вас в папке tools в месте установки Android SDK.

Преимущество этой утилиты в том, что результаты масштабирования и область размещения контента наглядно показываются в окне редактора. А также утилита дает редактировать только рамку, не позволяя случайно чиркнуть на изображении.

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Запустим приложение, откроем нашу рамку (File > Open 9-patch) и отметим повторяемые области и область размещения контента. В правом блоке утилиты можно увидеть результат масштабирования.